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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Will ACA turn full time jobs into part time jobs?

See here for comments from economist Garrett Jones.

If Obamacare increases the cost of hiring full time employees versus part time workers it would seem that a as  shift to part timers would make sense for some employers.This may well apply to the hotel and restaurant sectors and at at least one large restaurant company is going that way.See here for what Red Lobster is planning. Who would have thought that people respond to incentives?

If something costs more ( like having full time employees ) people will do less of the something.Again Milton Friedman's two principles of economics are on target. To review: there is no free lunch and demand curves slope downward. Thomas Sowell said a good economist always asks "and then what" which is a similar thought to Bastiat's "seen and unseen". With Obamacare, the "and then whats" just keep on coming.

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